Content marketing is a powerful tool

Content marketing may seem like a product of the internet age, but it's actually been around for ages. From mimeographed newsletters to glossy market watch brochures - there are even 17th-century examples from a Dutch entrepreneur! -  marketers have long understood that attractively presented information can be just as useful as a traditional sales pitch. [...]

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CoxNext delivers insights with the Cox Site Analysis Tag (CSAT)

Been there, done that with Google analytics? You and all your competitors access the same data points and make marketing decisions using the same analysis. But what if you could go beyond page views and number of monthly unique visitors and understand what really makes your customers tick? Knowing your website customers allows you to [...]

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In the face of COVID-19, Google & Facebook offer support to their advertisers

The coronavirus pandemic has upended business plans across the country. Faced with difficulty paying rent and making payroll, small business owners find themselves with a dilemma: Should they continue advertising? When you’re trying to keep the lights on, it can seem like an easy line item to cut from the budget, but you risk losing [...]

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Q&A: Adapting creative messaging during coronavirus outbreak

Just a month ago, we were all reading the news and wondering how serious the coronavirus outbreak halfway across the world was going to be. Then, after it spread across the globe, we started adapting to the new reality of working from home and social distancing. That change has certainly been felt in the advertising [...]

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Your Brand Can’t Be Everywhere at Once

But an omni-channel strategy is the next best thing In an age where social platforms are introduced about as often as new flavors of potato chips, many brands (and people) fall into a trap. Should we be on that? Should we be everywhere? Everyone wants to be everywhere. Which has led to mass confusion. But [...]

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Q&A: Using Snapchat to increase college enrollment

Reaching very young people (13-24) has become increasingly difficult for advertisers. They’re generally not on Facebook and they’re using Instagram less and less. This is especially problematic for higher education clients. Luckily Snapchat seems to have emerged as an all-purpose forum for young people. In addition to celebrating the latest dance craze, teens are [...]

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Q&A: eSports is real and it’s way bigger than you think

If you’re over 40, the whole concept of eSports probably sounds like a joke. People paying good money to watch other people play video games? Seriously? Yes. Seriously. In 2018 there were 215 million occasional viewers and 165 million self-described enthusiasts. And with annual growth of about 15%, we can expect an audience of over [...]

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Pinterest is betting on SMBs and DTCs

For small and medium businesses – especially direct-to-consumer businesses – Facebook and Instagram can feel like the only way to reach new customers. But, according to AdExchange, Pinterest is expanding its commerce-related capabilities. “If there was ever a Facebook bug or algorithm issue, our revenue would be severely impacted,” Daniella Amirian, director of growth marketing [...]

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Facebook VP says focus on your creative, leave the targeting to the machines

In an interview with AdExchanger, Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Simon Whitcombe, stressed the importance of having the right creative, especially for direct-to-consumer brands. “Many DTC businesses will naturally hit a plateau, which can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s when they move from focusing on growth to focusing on profitability,” Whitcombe [...]

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eMeet the Cord Cutters

An intro to advertising to cord cutters Before we dive into who’s cutting what and how to reach them, let’s look at the numbers. Here’s what ​Roku​ found in 2019. 7 Million​ people ​have cable​. 8 Million​ people ​used to have cable​. And ​6.4 Million​ people ​never had cable​. This tells us a couple of [...]

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