CoxNext delivers insights with the Cox Site Analysis Tag (CSAT)

Been there, done that with Google analytics? You and all your competitors access the same data points and make marketing decisions using the same analysis. But what if you could go beyond page views and number of monthly unique visitors and understand what really makes your customers tick? Knowing your website customers allows you to [...]

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Pinterest is betting on SMBs and DTCs

For small and medium businesses – especially direct-to-consumer businesses – Facebook and Instagram can feel like the only way to reach new customers. But, according to AdExchange, Pinterest is expanding its commerce-related capabilities. “If there was ever a Facebook bug or algorithm issue, our revenue would be severely impacted,” Daniella Amirian, director of growth marketing [...]

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Facebook Pixel 101

The Facebook pixel is simply a chunk of code. It sits silently and invisibly within your website. It’s only triggered when someone does something on your site (buys something, subscribes to something, etc.) Once an action occurs, it’s triggered. And then it stores the data of that action. Basically, it’s like a voyeur with a [...]

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