In the face of COVID-19, Google & Facebook offer support to their advertisers

The coronavirus pandemic has upended business plans across the country. Faced with difficulty paying rent and making payroll, small business owners find themselves with a dilemma: Should they continue advertising? When you’re trying to keep the lights on, it can seem like an easy line item to cut from the budget, but you risk losing [...]

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Cox-backed BrightFarms feeds America during COVID-19 pandemic

Cox Enterprises-backed BrightFarms has a mission to provide access to the freshest, most responsibly grown local produce to improve the health of more Americans.  This is taking on a whole new meaning during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which is why BrightFarms is considered an essential service by the U.S. government. “We are already a mission-driven organization, and as the pandemic stresses our supply [...]

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Q&A: Adapting creative messaging during coronavirus outbreak

Just a month ago, we were all reading the news and wondering how serious the coronavirus outbreak halfway across the world was going to be. Then, after it spread across the globe, we started adapting to the new reality of working from home and social distancing. That change has certainly been felt in the advertising [...]

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James M. Cox Foundation joins the effort to feed the frontline

The James M. Cox Foundation, Tull Foundation, Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation and the Douglas J. Hertz Family Foundation announced a $325,000 donation to help feed frontline workers serving in emergency rooms, ICUs and critical care wards at 19 Atlanta hospitals. In addition, other foundations and companies are coming forward to lend their support. Our country’s healthcare workers are putting [...]

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