Your Brand Can’t Be Everywhere at Once

But an omni-channel strategy is the next best thing In an age where social platforms are introduced about as often as new flavors of potato chips, many brands (and people) fall into a trap. Should we be on that? Should we be everywhere? Everyone wants to be everywhere. Which has led to mass confusion. But [...]

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Q&A: eSports is real and it’s way bigger than you think

If you’re over 40, the whole concept of eSports probably sounds like a joke. People paying good money to watch other people play video games? Seriously? Yes. Seriously. In 2018 there were 215 million occasional viewers and 165 million self-described enthusiasts. And with annual growth of about 15%, we can expect an audience of over [...]

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eMeet the Cord Cutters

An intro to advertising to cord cutters Before we dive into who’s cutting what and how to reach them, let’s look at the numbers. Here’s what ​Roku​ found in 2019. 7 Million​ people ​have cable​. 8 Million​ people ​used to have cable​. And ​6.4 Million​ people ​never had cable​. This tells us a couple of [...]

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